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7 questions to ask before buying a structured product - eBook

In this ebook , we have listed the 7 most important questions that need to be asked before investing in structured products.


Structured products for dummies - eBook

Let’s face it: the term “structured product” is not the best one. While not conveying what it is, it has the added disadvantage of sounding intimidating. The good news is that it’s not as complex as it seems!


Discovering the "Brazilian Forestry" project with Carlo Rovegno.

For this second episode of "Decoding the future of finance", Arthur Bauch, Privatam co-founder, receives Carlo Rovegno, the owner of the “Brazilian Forestry” project.


Keep on top of your portfolio developments with myPrivatam

Do you need to be scanning news such as the one above to keep on top of your portfolio developments?


Myth #7: Investors cannot make sense of a structured product's valuation

When an investor does not understand the valuation of a product in his portfolio it is a matter of understanding, rather than being taken advantage of by the issuer.


Myth #6: Investors cannot monitor the progress of a structured note

The evolution of the structured products industry has brought a a renewed focus on the actual consumers of structured products i.e. investors.


Build a robust income product linked to gold miners

At a time when all risky assets are suffering, gold miners have been showing a positive performance.


Myth #5: Structured notes have no liquidity

The industry has evolved immensely when it comes to allowing investors to sell their positions before the product’s official redemption date.


There is an investment match for any investor, anywhere in the world!

Thanks to a unique customer experience, Privatam, the Monaco and Zurich- based fintech, finds the ideal investment, easy to understand and perfectly suitable to investors’ needs.


Myth #4: Structured product issuers pocket share dividends

Another common criticism structured notes get is that share dividends are unfairly kept from investors.