Myth #6: Investors cannot monitor the progress of a structured note

Myth: If I buy a structured product, I will not be able to follow it in the same manner I can check the performance of my other investments.


If there are some conditions that need to be met for the product to pay out a coupon (something very common with notes), I will have to wait until the payment date and check my account to know whether I have been lucky.


Reality: The evolution of the structured products industry, especially with the emergence of independent distributors, has brought a remarkable shift which meant a renewed focus on the actual consumers of structured products i.e. investors.


When Privatam launched its structured products platform some years ago, it set a new standard which other product providers – for the benefit of everyone – have been adopting ever since : a robust product monitoring capability.


Let’s consider just a fraction of the wealth of information and analytics that investors have at the tip of their fingers:

+ Real time and historical prices of structured notes

+ The evolution of the underlying, as well as other metrics which explain variations of the product’s value

+ A calendar showing all relevant past and future dates, such as coupon payment and redemption

+ A projection showing how the product will perform according to various market scenarios

+ A consolidated portfolio analysis breaking down all risks and performance metrics of all structured notes held


Imagine being able to generate a PDF report containing all of the above and much more with 3 clicks. Imagine also being able to limit your risks, optimize your time and budget thanks to a portfolio management software


This would have sounded like science fiction for structured notes investors 15 years ago and yet it is now readily available. One could even go as far as to argue that it is easier to make sense of structured notes and monitor their progress than it is for much simpler investment types.

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