Build a robust income product linked to gold miners

The worsening of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has propelled one group of companies:

gold miners.

At a time when all risky assets are suffering, gold miners have been showing a positive performance.

Gold graph

This is how we can use myPrivatam to build a robust income product linked to gold miners:

1. Click on "Select your investment product".

Step 1 - Select

2. In the section "Analysts’ favorite by sectors and industries", we click on "Materials" and then on "Metals & Mining".

Step 2 - Sectors

3. This brings us the 8 stocks within this industry with the highest upside potential as per all analysts.

Step 3-  Metals & Mining

4. Next, we set out to select only the ones operating predominantly in the precious mining space. This leaves us with Wheaton Metals, Yamana Gold and Kinross.

Step 4 - underlyings

5. We compare the metrics of these 3 companies, such as their P/E ratios and upside potentials.

On this basis, we disregard Wheaton and decide to focus on Kinross and Yamana.

We see that a 12 months product with 30% protection on these two shares would yield 16.72% pa. It is a good start, but we need to adapt it further to match our needs. We hit "Customize".

Step 5 - Product

6. We start building a customized product on these two companies.

Step 6 - Pricer

And Find your Investment match! 

Product card

Start pricing your ideal product on myPrivatam!