we offer alternative, niche investment ideas.

providing tools to help you make sense of confusing data.

What we offer

We offer alternative, niche investment ideas. And we also give our clients the tools to make sense of confusing data to make smarter investment decisions.

The combination of this financial expertise and technological know-how makes a real difference for our clients.

We are driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and our purpose is to facilitate the investment process by supporting our clients with a new ecosystem of technological tools.

We understood that investing could be transformed by new technology. Our dream was to provide a wider range of investments and better tools to achieve more.

The business plan was simple: establish many relationships with investment providers, create cutting-edge technology for the financial industry, grow the number of clients fast by providing brilliant investments and unique services.


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PARity dashboard

See your portfolio in a new perspective:

  • Analysis of stocks trending on the new crowd-sourced analysis platforms and trends we see at Privatam across our client base
  • A personalised “My Feed” allowing easy access to events news and information applicable to your Portfolio
  • Improved portfolio views for monitors, trades and projected payment profiles.
  • Additional information on each product such as backtesting.


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