General information

What is myPrivatam?

myPrivatam is Privatam’s multi-bank technology platform that allows clients to easily find or create their own customized investment products, compare prices in seconds, and follow their investments’ performance, all in one intuitive tool. 

For whom is myPrivatam intended?

myPrivatam is intended for financial institutions: wealth managers, independent asset managers, pension funds, family offices, private banks, whoever is willing to handle its customized investments in an efficient way. It is currently not intended for private clients. 


Why should I use myPrivatam?

myPrivatam has been designed as a tool that complements human expertise.

myPrivatam provides all the information you need to discover investment ideas, compare prices, and follow your investments’ performance, in a single, easy-to-use tool. myPrivatam saves you time and effort and makes the investment process simpler, faster and cheaper.


•    Review all your products in one place – a two-minute check on myPrivatam can replace hours searching in spreadsheets and emails

•    Build your own product and get the best quotes from 11 investment banks in less than 60 seconds

•    Access your investment libraries, market price comparators, complete portfolio monitor 24/7 and control the life cycle management of all your products

•    Get real-time notifications of all your portfolio activity and product events 

•    Seek extra advice from our customer service team, available from 8 am to 10 pm 

How much does myPrivatam cost?

myPrivatam is a free service for our clients! 

Ask your client advisor to arrange access and show you how to get more out of myPrivatam.

Get in touch now for a 14-Day myPrivatam demo, to see how it could help you if you are not yet collaborating with Privatam.


Who is behind myPrivatam?

Privatam is behind myPrivatam. The company was founded in 2014 by 4 financial industry specialists determined to disrupt the customized investment market. Since 2015 Privatam is offering the first ever independent multi-investment bank product monitor, myPrivatam. Since 2018, Privatam is the first independent company to fully digitalize the investment process (investment screening, pricing, product life cycle monitoring) in one portal.


myPrivatam features

Can I white label myPrivatam for my own clients?

Yes! We can white label myPrivatam with your branding logo and colours, so that your clients can use the tool directly – making life simpler for you and providing an added benefit to your clients.

You can rebuild the portfolio based on your organization hierarchy: your sales, clients, banks and bank accounts. You can also print out factsheets with your own branding to discuss with clients. 

Can I have multiple accesses for my own clients? 

myPrivatam gives you the possibility to create several accesses for you and a light version for your own clients. Everyone will then be able to access its own portfolio. 


How does myPrivatam work? 


myPrivatam is an independent platform organized around 3 pillars: 

•    a smart library made up of thousands of investments to find new investment ideas combined with smart tools to follow your favourite sectors and stocks
•    an instant online price comparator of more than 11 leading issuing banks
•    a dashboard for a complete monitoring of all your multi-bank structured products.


Can I partner up with Privatam without using myPrivatam?


Absolutely. Our clients are welcome to draw on our team’s deep expertise to support their investments, without using myPrivatam. That said, we strongly recommend our clients to use myPrivatam to improve their clients’ investment experience. 


Even if you have never worked with an online monitor in the past, we believe myPrivatam’s intuitive platform will become an invaluable tool, giving you instant visibility over your investment options and performance. Once they’ve tried it, our clients don’t look back.

How do I discover new products to invest in?


Finding investment ideas can be a big challenge for investors. myPrivatam provides inspiration in lots of ways: 

•    Investment stories, jointly created by Privatam’s expert researchers and pioneering algorithms, highlight trending topics, supported by around 20 related stocks and a hundred investment offers, so wealth managers can choose the right products for their unique needs. For example, if you or your client is interested in artificial intelligence, you can select from the set of pre-priced products generated for this theme

•    Our coupon barometer notifies you in real-time when your target sectors and stocks are warming up

•    Create your own personalized product and get the best investment offers

•    Participate via book-building in new investments from USD10,000

•    Invest from USD10,000 in secondary market products available across our issuers and inventories

How do I get the best prices and how are these calculated?


Privatam provides information from 29 investment providers, allowing wealth managers to easily compare prices. Our online portal myPrivatam also directly connects investors to 11 leading providers – so for the first time worldwide, wealth managers can build their own product, source quotes, and compare indicative prices among 6 payoffs from 11 investment banks, all in one portal, and typically in less than 60 seconds.


You can easily tweak the coupon criteria and get updated pricing in seconds. Users simply enter their criteria, click on “indicative” and then compare the quotes available for their designed product.

How do I follow my portfolio and my investments’ performance?


With myPrivatam, you can follow your investments performance easily. Your product life cycle management is all in one portal! We were the first independent company to aggregate and standardize all products data into a single easy view across all issuers. 


•    Our consolidated portfolio in myPrivatam enables wealth managers to easily see their portfolio cashflow and exposure analysis and to download the instant reporting PDF. 

•    Use the personal events calendar to track your upcoming portfolio events so you don’t miss any notifications

•    Review your underlyings to keep up with the latest activities of your portfolio components

•    Search easily for any transaction details among your portfolio since inception.

It is no longer necessary to contact investment banks directly to follow different types of products based on different kinds of assets. myPrivatam offers the opportunity to reconcile them all in one place.


myPrivatam support

How does the onboarding of myPrivatam technology work?


myPrivatam is an online platform that doesn’t request any specific technical implementation. Once your KYC is approved, you will receive your login and you will have to create your password to access the platform. 

Will I receive training for the platform?


As soon as you have access to myPrivatam, we will arrange a training session for you. We will introduce you to myPrivatam with all its features. If you have specific questions, please contact us by email at hello@privatam.com

How and when can I make changes to my portfolio?


You can manage your online portfolio 24/7 on your own. Upload your products, monitor your exposure, and make the smartest decisions from the aggregated data. 


How is my online portfolio managed?


You are in charge of your portfolio management. 
myPrivatam features will enable you to: 

•    Easily see your portfolio cashflows, profits and exposure analysis and download it instantly in PDF. 

•    Track your past and upcoming events so you don’t miss out any notifications.

•    Keep up with the latest actions of your portfolio components.

•    Search for any transaction details in your portfolio since inception.