Joint-venture between Privatam & OptiAssets for Securitization and Asset Repackaging

Published on March 1, 2021

OptiAssets announces joint venture with Privatam to give asset and  wealth managers better access to securitization services and securitized assets.


Privatam, WealthTech based in Monaco, which is digitalizing the investment process with its Platform  (handling over $USD 8 billion worth of investment products for over 600 wealth managers across the globe) and OptiAssets, an assets repack platform are announcing their joint venture to offer asset and wealth managers a better access to securitization services and assets repackaging.


Through the powerful combination of OptiAssets’ securitization and assets repack platform and Privatam’s technology and expertise, the new partnership meets asset and wealth managers’ growing need to securitize any asset class for their clients – from traditional, liquid assets, through to alternative, non-liquid assets that can be tailored to the investor’s specific requirements.


The cementing of this partnership aims to help asset and wealth managers better meet investors’ expectations and respond to increasing interest in new, customized investments.


“Nowadays it is key in the financial markets to combine independency, transparency and safety with financial track record and strong digital technology. Together, we have made it being able to transform an investment strategy into a secured listed security.”

Luis Puertas, Executive Director at OptiAssets


OptiAssets will benefit from increased scale and reach, while Privatam will be more responsive to the market’s expectations by providing greater flexibility, increased access and cost-efficient investment vehicles to investors. 


We know that wealth managers are looking for new and innovative ways to meet their clients’ expectations, tailoring investments to individual needs, preferences and risk appetites. This is in our DNA: providing customized investments to our growing wealth manager community. This joint venture with OptiAssets allows us to widen the types of products and services we can provide”Massimo Passamonti, CEO of Privatam


OptiAssets also benefits from Privatam’s digital platform technology, which enables investors to easily control each OptiProduct and track their life cycle, as well as monitoring their earnings and performance.


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