Discovering the "Brazilian Forestry" project with Carlo Rovegno.


For this second episode of "Decoding the future of finance", Arthur Bauch, Privatam co-founder, receives Carlo Rovegno, the owner of the “Brazilian Forestry” project.


Two years ago, Privatam also co-founded OptiAssets, an arranger which repacks projects of any nature into listed securities. OptiAssets allow portfolio managers to convert their investment strategy into a security which can be easily be distributed to any investor worldwide. The same applies to investment projects in the real economy, such as real estate.


One of the many innovative project which OptiAssets has successfully securitized is Brazilian Forestry, a company fully dedicated to the creation of eucalyptus forests.


It is precisely about this project we would like to talk about today. We have the pleasure of interviewing Carlo Rovegno, the man behind the project.