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PARity dashboard

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PARity dashboard

  • Hot topics: Check our latest product ideas, press releases and more!
  • Trending news: See which company has been mentioned the most in the news over the last month.
  • Most traded sectors at Privatam: Gain a greater market insight by looking at which sectors are traded the most at Privatam.
  • Most traded underlyings: Discover what other investment professionals are trading. This panel shows which underlyings are traded the most at Privatam.
  • World Map Indices: See, in the blink of an eye, what is happening to equity markets around the world.


  • Monitor the expected out­come of upcoming cash flows, based on current market levels, and recent events.
  • Visualise your live or expired products details and filter them by different time periods or event types. For each event type, you can see the days to the event and the relevant barrier or strike.

PARity Monitoring
PARity Product


PARity Product

  • The product page gives you an extensive over­view of the investment product’s features includ­ing underlyings performance, price graph, life cy­cle and backtest.
  • Follow the prices of your products and their un­derlyings since the strike date.
  • The life cycle of the products is described through the listing of the observation dates. You can con­sult the outcome of past events and see the next ones in the life cycle.
  • The payoff graph shows the payoff at maturity assuming the current market levels. In case the product has a reference, its current level is dis­played on the graph.
  • Follow all your trades and their settlements.
  • The backtest helps you to evaluate the performance of the product. It demonstrates how the product would have performed historically by testing it as if it had started on every trading day during a certain period.


PARity Exposure

  • Keep an eye on the concentration risk in your portfolio through graphs and visualizations.
  • Comprehend Equities, risk, cus­todians and issuers exposure graphs.
  • Analyze your portfolio split by the top percentage of product type, sectors and incorporation country.

PARity Exposure

my feed

  • Never miss the most pertinent information related to your portfolio, such as coupon payments, autocall events, expi­ries and much more.
  • Read articles from various sources about the underlyings in your portfolio.
  • Be aware of the latest product that has been traded with a summary of the product.
  • We inform you when there is a relevant price change amongst the underlyings of your portfolio.
  • When a corporate event occurs on one of the underlyings of your portfolio, we notify you with a summary of the event describing the corporation event type, the ratio and the date on which it will occur.

underlying monitor

  • Quickly see all Underlyings you have exposure to in your Portfolio
  • Shows Notional exposure as well as the weighted distance to your Product Barriers for each Underlying
  • Data is ranked by highest exposures first

underling view

  • Shows market data, analyst estimates and exposure data
  • See news with sentiment analysis and key fact information on locations, people and organization derived from over 200+ sources
  • Visual representation of Product Barriers in your Portfolio